Refreshing drinks can vary widely in calories – from 60 to even 500. The low calorie drinks are the best ones to order during the summer days, least affecting your health. If you debate between a margarita or mojito, deeply knowing how it is made can help you avoid tons of calories and sugar. In general, it’s best to opt for beer, wine, champagne, hard alcohol on the rocks, or with soda and drinks with few frills. These all are low calorie drinks or clears which are best suited for summer days.

Low Calorie Drinks

The calorie from alcohol depends on how much it is poured, but generally, a 1.5-ounce shot comes in the 60-100 calorie range. The mixers mainly increase the calorie amount poured into the main drink. These mixers also increase the level of sugar in your drink. To decrease calories in your drinks, you should avoid mixers, energy drinks, juices, sugary sodas, and tonics. It can worsen your hangover and make your body dehydrated. Instead, add flavored seltzer. To ensure that your drink is healthier, you should always opt for low calorie drinks.

Know About The Best Low Calorie Drinks For Summer Days

If you are wondering what to order between a mojito or a vodka, you can make the right choice here with this brief description regarding low calories drinks.

Vodka Soda

Vodka soda is indeed the best low calorie drink. It has only 65 calories per ounce of vodka, and the soda is calorie-free. Having a liquor-based drink can help you consume fewer calories, as a little goes a long way in affecting your health. The other benefit of this low calorie drink is that it keeps your body hydrated as well.

Light Beer

Not all beer gives you a belly. This light beer contains around 50 calories which are less than the regular brews. It is the best option when you want to pair your drink with your dinner. Adding unnecessary liquids prevents you from meeting your health goals. In general, the darker the beer, the more calories it contains.


Champagne is a low calorie drink that also contains less amount of sugar. Sparkling wines are generally very acidic as some sugar is added to them to balance the flavors and contain high amounts of calories.

Sea Breeze

This low calorie drink is a lightened-up version of the sea breeze. If you want something fruity, you should opt for this sea breeze drink. It is a great refreshing drink during the hot summer days. And also, it has a very less amount of sugar, making it healthier for your body.

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