Are you one of those people who like to eat tasty food and pray not to gain weight? Do you want to reduce your excess weight once and for all? In this article we will tell you about different type of diets for weight loss. These different type of diet help people in losing weight and live a healthy life. Some diet which you can follow to lose weight are given below:

  • The Paleo Diet
  • The Blood Type Diet
  • The keto diet
  • The Vegan Diet
  • The Mediterranean Diet

The Paleo Diet

The Paleo diet is just a natural way of eating in which we stop the intake of sugar. The sugar intake in this diet is from fruits only. In this diet, you also stop eating processed foods and grains. The number of carbohydrates will reduce in your system and it will decrease the amount of glucose in your system. With low carbohydrates and decrease in glucose, your body will start to use fat as its fuel source.

Different Type of Diets for Weight Loss

In this diet, you also stop dairy intake. The question is what you can eat in this diet? You can eat the following things in this diet

  • Fish
  • Chicken
  • Vegetables and fruits
  • Nuts, oils, sweet potatoes and eggs
  • You can eat meat as well if that meat is grass-fed and not grain-fed.

The Blood Type Diet

Many people are not familiar with this diet. However, some doctors have started to research about diets that correspond with specific blood types. The idea behind this diet is that people should eat things that suit their blood type. For example, if your blood type is O then doctors recommend you to eat lots of food that are high in protein. The people with O blood type will need to eat the following things if they want to lose weight:

  • Spinach, broccoli
  • red meat, seafood
  • Avoid dairy products

If your blood type is A then it is recommended to avoid meat and try eating turkey, tofu, and fruit. However, your weight loss depends on eating food that consists of soy, seafood and vegetables.

Different Type of Diets for Weight Loss

The keto diet

Most people are familiar with the keto diet and are following this diet. In this diet, you put your body in Ketosis. What is Ketosis? When people eat a low or no-carb diet and molecules (ketones) build up in the bloodstream. In this diet, your carb intake will be low and your fat (healthy fats), the vegetable intake will be high. You will take sufficient proteins in it as well. In this diet, we will stop taking highly processed foods and sugars as well.

The standard keto diet is actually about low carb, high fat and adequate protein. In keto diet, you provide your body with a minimum amount of carbs and sugars. With reduced sugar and carbs supply, your body glucose levels will deplete causing the body to look for other energy sources. The body will use fats for energy which will result in weight loss.

The keto diet and Paleo diet looks similar but there is a difference between them. The keto diet is about controlling the three macronutrients, which are fat, carbs and protein but in the Paleo diet, it is more about the food choices. You stop taking dairy, grains and processed foods in Paleo diet but you can balance the macronutrients any way you want.

The Vegan Diet

It is obvious from the name that the vegan diet is about eating vegetables only. You have to eliminate meat and animal products from the diet. The vegan diet reduces the intake of cholesterol and saturated fat. You need to plan this diet and if you plan it properly then it can have many positive effects.

The vegan diet

Some studies recommend this diet because it minimizes the risk of coronary heart disease, obesity and high blood pressure. But you need to find a way to compensate for a lack of meat. With no meat in your diet, you need to find other sources of protein and vitamin B-12 in this diet.

The Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is just like a vegan diet but in this, you don’t eliminate meat. You keep a small amount of meat in your diet. This diet helps in controlling blood sugar levels and helps in weight loss. In all the meals, you will take vegetables with fish. Fish is preferred over chicken in Mediterranean diet. You need to use whole grains, nuts and herbs in this diet.

If you want to know more about different type of diets for weight loss then watch this space.

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