Have you ever wondered how many calories are in an egg? Well, I’ve got the answer for you right here! For all of those egg calories counters out there, this post is just for you. At only 70-80 calories per large egg (depending on your source), it’s no surprise that eggs are one of the most nutritious foods around. If you’re looking to eat healthier and lose weight but worry about not getting enough protein or energy without meat, then check out these five great benefits of eating a diet high in eggs. Trust me when I say that adding more eggs into your diet will be a huge help!

Calories Are In An Egg

Why Eat Eggs? 5 Benefits Of Eating More Eggs

Are you ready for some great news? It turns out that eating eggs is one of the healthiest foods you can eat! According to Dr. Axe, “eggs are considered the most nutrient-dense food on the planet, meaning they contain more nutrients per gram than any other food.”

Eggs are especially nutritious because egg proteins are easily digested and egg fat is easy to absorb. Eggs also contain vitamins like vitamin A (in egg yolks), B-complex (in egg yolk), and D (in egg yolks). Egg whites provide your body with riboflavin, selenium, zinc, and proteins. According to us, eggs even help boost brain activity! So if you’re looking for an easy way to get more healthy foods into your diet, look no further than eggs!

Keep Satiety Levels High

Eggs are a superfood for those people who want to lose weight! Eggs help stop cravings by keeping your feelings of hunger low, which can be essential for anyone watching their diet plan. If you’re looking to cut back on calorie intake, egg breakfasts can seriously help you out. Some egg recipes include egg muffins and egg sandwiches! These egg substitutes make it easy to get the nutrients from eggs without adding extra egg calories or fat to your day. Plus, egg meals can keep your appetite under control even after breakfast has ended.

Egg whites have very few calories but they still provide your body with enough energy to stay active! Since eggs don’t require much energy to digest, egg whites provide exercise enthusiasts with a great source of protein. If you’re working out and trying to eat healthily, egg whites can be one of your best sources of energy! Egg proteins aren’t just good for helping cut weight; egg proteins help athletic performance as well. According to Livestrong, egg proteins are necessary for muscle growth and egg white protein is easier for your body to absorb than other types of egg. If you’re looking for an easy meal or snack that will give you energy without added calories or fat, eggs are the way to go!

3. Helps To Lower Cholesterol Levels

If you’re concerned about egg cholesterol levels, there’s no reason to worry! Many studies have concluded that egg yolks don’t negatively affect egg cholesterol levels. If you’re not the type to eat egg whites but are still looking for ways to combat egg cholesterol, egg substitutes like egg muffins and egg sandwiches can be great alternatives!

4. Helps With Healthy Hair And Nails

According to Livestrong, “eggs help your body produce an essential protein that strengthens hair follicles” which can help with healthy hair growth or even prevent hair loss! Egg yolks also contain iron, vitamins A, B-complex, and biotin, all of which are beneficial for strong nails! If you have fragile nails or weak cuticles, eggs can be a great way to strengthen them so they aren’t so easy to break.

5. Builds Strong Bones

If you’re looking for a way to strengthen your bones, egg whites can help! According to WebMD, egg whites can even improve disease-healing and bone health. Egg yolks also contain calcium which helps keep bones strong and healthy. So if you want to build stronger bones or heal any diseases related to bones, eggs are a great way to go!

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