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To lose weight is not easy but the procedure to lose weight does not have to be complicated or stressful. You should explore several different useful resources if you want to lose weight. It is a common false impression that to lose weight you have to work out for many hours every week in the gym. You don’t need to do a workout like a maniac if you want to lose weight. Here are some tips for losing weight.

How to Lose Weight


Tip 1: Don’t set your expectations that are not real

You should always set realistic goals and should try to achieve what is feasible for you.

What is the real expectation then?

You can lose weight with the use of some handy tips and tricks.

Many people have researched this subject and it appears that for most overweight people a weight loss of 10-15 per cent of the current body weight can be easily sustainable. Assume that your weight is 90 Kg then your real aim should be to have 80-75 kg body weight. Many fitness companies will make a false promise with you and that is why things often go wrong. If people don’t get the desired results they get disappointed. So important to set genuine expectations.

how to lose weight

Tip 2: It is not prohibited to eat unhealthy things in the diet

This tip is important because people prohibit themselves from eating things which they like. Suppose you like chocolate and you have banned yourself from eating it. You will crave more for chocolate if you have banned it. It is not bad to have a piece of chocolate in the diet. Just one piece of chocolate is enough for you. Otherwise, you will gain weight if you eat a lot of chocolate.

Tip 3: Eat more often

If you want to lose weight, you need to eat more often. Our body indeed needs to eat more often. Don’t eat all the food at once. Try to eat your food in small portions and try to eat at least six times a day. You just have to burn the calories you consumed in a day. By burning calories and eating in small portions you will lose weight. This way you will not feel hungry all the time in the diet. You can learn about different type of diets by reading the article on our website (Link: https://30daysketo.com/different-type-of-diets-for-weight-loss/)

Tip 4: Do Cardio and Weight Exercises

You don’t have to go to the gym every day. You don’t need to lift weights or run on the treadmill for two hours. You can try different cardio and weight exercises to burn the calories you consumed in a day. Just do those cardio exercises for 15 to 20 minutes and achieve your goals. You need to do High-intensity interval training to lose weight effectively. The training you do for short intervals will deliver excellent results. There will be no rest intervals and you will be broken afterwards, but the results will be excellent. This is a healthy way to lose weight. People who say you can lose weight by just diet are wrong. You need to exercise if you want to lose weight healthily. Squats, lunges and jump rope are the kind of exercises that can help you in healthily losing weight.

Tip 5: Eat Foods that Burn Fat

This is a very good tip to lose weight. It is not about following any fancy diet but it is about eating food that can supplement your regular diet. There are some fruits and vegetables that are known for their fat-burning properties. When you have an empty stomach try to eat these foods to burn fat. If you eat citrus fruits you can burn fat around your stomach. Following citrus fruits can burn fat:

  • lemon
  • grapefruit
  • pineapple 

how to lose weight

Tip 6: Breakfast as an Emperor

As you know about the saying “Breakfast like an emperor, lunch like a king and dinner like a beggar.” It is just a metaphor but it is certainly an excellent idea to lose weight. In the morning you need a lot of energy because you haven’t eaten for many hours. To provide energy to your body you need to eat as much as you can at breakfast. The calories you consume in breakfast will burn faster compared to the calories you consume at dinner. Don’t eat too much at dinner because after dinner you will go to bed and everything just mount up. It is better to eat breakfast with naturally healthy foods like:

  • juice or fresh fruit
  • healthy proteins
  • healthy fats
  • whole-grain cereals

Tip 7: Drink Plenty of Water

It is true that by drinking water you can lose weight. It is recommended to drink at least two litres of water a day.  Your body requires this amount of water to prevent things like dehydration and also to ensure that all bodily functions work properly. There are some other advantages to drinking more water. Following are the advantages:

  • Water controls your body temperature.
  • Drinking water releases waste and fats in your urine.
  • Water also fills your stomach.

Sometimes we feel hungry but in reality, we are thirsty. So drink plenty of water if it is hot or you exercise a lot it helps in maintaining a healthy weight. Some studies suggest that we should drink water half an hour before meals not during meals. By drinking water half an hour before a meal can help in weight loss.

Tip 8: Avoid sugary drinks and processed food

If you drink sugary drinks and eat processed food a lot then it you will gain weight. These processed foods and sugary drinks can cause you to overeat. These sugary drinks and processed foods are the most fattening things you can put into your body. It is recommended to avoid these things if you want to lose weight. If you eat processed food or drink sugary drinks then you will consume more calories.

If you consume more calories than definitely, your weight will increase. It is not easy to avoid these things but you can minimize it. If you eat processed food or drink sugary drinks daily then try to reduce it to thrice a week and then to once a week and so on. This way you will not crave for these drinks and processed food anymore. To eat processed occasionally is not bad.

Tip 9: Get your Hormones Checked

If no diet and exercise are working and you are not losing weight then you must talk to your doctor. It can be a hormonal issue. There are three common hormonal issues:

  • Thyroid hormone
  • Stress hormones
  • Sex hormone

These hormone issues are serious and you should talk to your doctor. Your doctor will do some tests and will tell you if you have any hormonal issues. If you have any issue than your doctor will advise some diagnosis or treatment to you.

Tip 10: Manage Stress Levels

If you want to lose weight then you must manage stress levels. When you are in stress, your body will release hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol. First, this will decrease the appetite as part of the body’s fight response. If you are under constant stress then it will cause cortisol to remain in the bloodstream for longer. This will increase appetite and you will eat more under stress. You can manage stress by:

  • Doing yoga
  • Meditation
  • Relaxation techniques

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