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Low Carb Diet

How to Start a Low Carb Diet and What Are Your Key Benefits?

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What Is Low Carbohydrate Diet:

Low Carb Diet is your Low Carbohydrate Diet based on minimizing starch and sugar and replaces them with food rich in healthy fats and fats. Additionally, it involves the intake of real food, which isn’t unnatural, processed, or made using artificial chemicals. It isn’t a diet, but a smart method of presenting and eating a life change.

Low carb diet for losing weight not only helps you to eliminate that extra fat, which not only is the effects of different issues but also allows you to feel healthier on a day to day basis. However, carbs are essential for the body to enjoy wholesome metabolism. To keep the healthy body fat, necessary to remain healthy. For many people, the excess number of carbs in the body can be quite a problem; therefore, you must stay healthy by maintaining a strong carb diet plan. The Low carb diet is filled with healthy fruits and vegetables for the most effective results you may ever encounter.

Carbohydrates are the source of electricity in our bodies. However, extra intake of carbohydrates results in fat deposits along with weight gain. By cutting carbs, your body starts sourcing its fuel from other sources like protein and fats, leading to weight loss.

Check out these top 10 low carb foods listing:

  1. Meats like Beef, Pork Veal.
  2. Lean meats like Chicken, Turkey, Duck.
  3. Fish such as cod liver, tuna, salmon, mackerel, Squid, Catfish, Crab.
  4. Coconut oil.
  5. Cauliflower.
  6. Broccoli.
  7. Avocados.
  8. Honey Dew Melon,
  9. Watermelon.
  10. Eggs.

High Protein Low Carbohydrate Diet Plan:

This low carb diet keeps the body in shape and is better than most of the diet plans suggested by health specialists. Here’s a Sample 7 Day low Carb Diet Plan for weight loss that contains many vegetable foods and protein foods.

Day -1:

Breakfast: Omelette and vegetables fried in coconut oil or butter to get you the nourishment required with the extra carbohydrates that would affect you and are the starting step for a low-carb diet for weight reduction.

Steak: Yogurt, almonds, and blueberries so that you can enjoy a light lunch that is both tasty at healthy.

Dinner: Cheeseburger (without bun) with boiled vegetables and pumpkin dip so that you can enjoy something tasty without believing that you are depriving yourself.

Day -2:

Breakfast: Eggs and Bacon to construct upon that fat and protein but reduce on the carbs, which are not required for a healthier body.

Steak: Burger and vegetables so that you enjoy a fair amount of greens along with your meals, which are rich in nutrients that are incredibly great for your body.

Dinner: Salmon (Boiled) with veggies cooked in butter so that you don’t consist of carb-filled oil into your daily diet and enjoy the fats and nutrients that butter and salmon have to provide when making a low-carb diet plan.

Day — 3:

Breakfast: Same as Day 1 to help smoothen out the outcomes for your entire body’s benefit.

Lunch: Shrimps and veggies salad with olive oil dressing to give the body the pampering you need from time to time without any feeling of sin.

Dinner: Chicken (Grilled) with berries (Boiled or cooked in Butter) to help top off daily. Grilled chicken with no fat helps to remove the excess carbohydrate build-up when chicken is cooked in the veggies to enjoy a healthy meal.

Day — 4:

Breakfast: berries and Omelette cooked in coconut oil or butter so that you can enjoy something off-menu from time to time. Omelette is a superb source of protein without the additional carbs, which add to excess fat build up in the body.

Lunch: Coconut Milk, Smoothie, protein powder, and almonds for the individual looking to follow this diet to help build upon brawn. It is the most healthy way to get in a few calories without even the added carbohydrates to construct lean muscle instead of fat.

Dinner: Steak and Berry to Your meat lovers out there. Steak, when cooked with olive oil, doesn’t have added carbs. Try using lean meat as much as possible for the best effects.

Day — 5:

Breakfast: Eggs and Bacon to help keep the dietary ingestion.

Lunch: Vegetables and Chicken Salad with Olive Oil dressing for scrumptious meal midday.

Dinner: Vegetables of your choice and Pork Chops so that your carb levels do not drop too low. Carbohydrate levels must be kept to a minimum, not shut off at all.

Day — 6:

Breakfast: Assortment of Vegetables and Omelette.

Steak: Yogurt, Walnuts, Berries, and Coconut Flakes.

Dinner: Vegetables with Meatballs.

Day — 7:

Breakfast: Eggs and Bacon.

Lunch: Coconut Milk, Smoothie, Heavy Cream (minimal amount ), flavored protein powder (chocolate, if you like), and berries).

Dinner: Chicken Wings (Grilled) with spinach.

Note that the vegetables to be included will be all fresh veggies, yogurt is plain, unsweetened yogurt, and all the meats are lean meats that are low on fats and have high protein levels. It’s necessary to eat healthy to make the diet work.

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