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Raw Food Diet
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Raw Food:
Raw food includes raw (uncooked) vegetables, raw fruits, and grains/seeds. They all have to be completely unprocessed. Some versions of it include eating only organic foods.

The Concept behind It:
The basic concept behind eating only a raw diet is that cooking food decreases its nutritional value. Raw food provides a better immune system as it is more nutritious and therefore prevents diseases.

Foods that you can Eat Raw:

  • Raw, unprocessed, and organic vegetables
  • Raw and fresh fruits
  • Dried fruits
  • Sprouted unprocessed grains
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Raw dairy like eggs, fish, meat
  • All organic, unprocessed foods
  • Coconut milk
  • Homogenized milk and products made from it.

Foods that don’t fall under the Raw Diet:

  • Any cooked food
  • Any processed food
  • Take-outs
  • Drinks like tea or coffee
  • Processed oils

Health Benefits of a Raw Diet:

1) Prevention of Diseases: Since raw fruits and vegetables have lower sodium content, it can prevent diseases like heart attack, kidney failure, diabetes, and some forms of cancer.

2) Weight Control: Eating only raw foods can help you maintain your weight or even lose it as it has a more controlled caloric count.

3) Better Nutrient Intake: Cooking destroys certain nutrients like vitamin C and B. Eating raw means you will be getting these nutrients in plenty.

4) Better Digestion: Foods contain certain enzymes that help with easy digestion. Cooking renders them ineffective. So, raw food helps

your gut stays healthy by offering easy and quick digestion.

Health Risks of a Raw Diet:

1) Requires Additional Supplements: It may provide you with plenty of nutrients, but it also lacks certain necessary nutrients that your body needs like iron, protein, calcium, etc. You may need to add supplements to your diet to avoid the deficiency of the nutrients mentioned above.

2) Food Poisoning: Eating certain raw foods with lycopene can cause food poisoning, which otherwise can be avoided as cooking enhances these nutrients and kills bacteria.

Is Raw Food Diet Worth the Trouble:


Raw food has both its perks and disadvantages. It can help in weight loss if adopted for a short time. But it is hard to stay motivated and keep at it for an extended period as it can start to cause nutritional deficiencies.

So if you are looking to start eating a raw diet, make sure you consult your doctor first.

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