In this article, we will provide you the list of nutritious foods that keep you warm in winter.


Everybody loves winters more than summers because let’s face it; no one likes sweating. Winters bring hot showers in the morning, cozy blankets in the evening. But how to overcome the cold when it’s getting unbearable?

Here’s your package of defense against the surge of cold weather!

Bananas are rich in Vitamin B as well as magnesium. These two constituents are essential to regulate your body temperature. Magnesium is vital because it helps adrenal glands in managing the body temperature and keeping it bearable for you in winters.

Ginger tea

When the day gets cold, you must take ginger tea as it helps your body accumulate heat. The process is called thermogenesis. When your food contains ginger, it helps keep your body warm and has many other health benefits as well.


Oats are considered a very good diet food. If you take oats’ porridge in the breakfast, the chances are that your body will feel warm for the most part of the day. It is so because it is fiber-rich, and fibers help keep your stomach filled. Owing to this, your cholesterol levels stay improved than usual. When cholesterol level is well maintained, you do not feel cold.


Add dry fruits to your salads or munch on them while you cozy up in your Blanket in cold weather. Even if you walk towards your office or university, it’s easy to fill your pockets with peanuts, to nibble on them in order to feel warm.

Red meat

Red meat is rich in iron. When you take high iron foods, your body feels warm and grows stronger in resisting the outwardly cold weather, which can get unbearable for a person’s body with inadequate iron intake.


Coffee is your best friend in winter. It has caffeine, and that’s what makes it nutritious. Taking it will improve your metabolism, your body will produce more heat, and you won’t feel cold. What else do you want?


In winters, you do not feel thirsty, and thus, your water intake declines. Your body may get dehydrated. When your body is dehydrated, you feel cold. You may even suffer from hypothermia. You need to up your water intake to build the necessary level of resistance to fend off the cold.

Sweet potatoes

All the root vegetables require lots of hard work on the part of your digestive system to break down once inside your body. This hard to break quality makes sweet potato a source of raising the body’s internal temperature. Thus sweet potatoes can be a good winter meal in the evening with an abundant supply of fiber and vitamins.

Must take warming food items!

Now you have a list of nutritious foods that keep you warm in winter. Do not rely only on three layers of sweaters. Keep your body warm internally with the right additions and replacements, so that you do not catch flu or cold in winters!

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